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Fulton Market District 


Real Estate 

Google just built a headquarters here. Sweet office building.

The district, about 217 acres in size, was granted Landmark status in 2015.

Some Tid-bits About Fulton Market

Oprah Winfrey had her studio here.  Now McDonald's is moving their headquarters into it.

Good (and required) reading:  The Fulton Market Innovation District Plan

Fulton Market District Office Space 

Lots happening here.  By far one of Chicago's most rapidly changing and evolving neighborhoods. Though, it's maintaining its historical qualities through its Landmark status.  Google found it attractive enough to locate a headquarters here.   It's booming and rents are becoming reflective of the area's upward trajectory.  

Looking to lease office space in the Fulton Market District?  Expect to see ask rates around $15 - $55 per square foot depending on your lease type and building class. 

Make your way down to Fulton Market now and you'll find new restaurants popping up, apartment/condo buildings being built and some of the coolest historical buildings of the area undergoing renovation to accommodate the popularity and growth of this neighborhood.

Need help finding and securing Office Space for lease in the Fulton Market District?  

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Fulton Market District Industrial Space 

Here's the thing, if you were here 10+ years ago, you'd have some options.   Now, with the transformation and plans the City put in place for the Fulton Market Innovation District, finding available industrial space is not easy. Certainly, not by any traditional sense of the use.

That said, this area isn't going away from its roots as a center for manufacturing and distribution (albeit, primarily in the food business) thanks to the Planned Manufacturing District the City included in their Innovation plan.  In fact, it's welcomed - in the right areas.


If you're considering industrial space here,  best to drive (or walk) the market to get an idea of the offerings.  As of the last revision date of this page (look down below), there was one property listed as available for rent and no price disclosed.

The industrial uses for the Fulton Market District should be compatible with the plan metrics in place.  If you're an innovator, you'll fit in fine.  Feel like spending some quality time familiarizing yourself with the Fulton Market Innovation plan?   Read it here.


Need help finding and securing Industrial Space in the Fulton Market District?  

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Fulton Market

Retail Space 

You'll do well by getting in this market with the right retail use.  Got a restaurant concept?   Perfect.  There's some great options here now to help drive traffic by your new innovative dining establishment.   


With an influx of residents and jobs in the area, there is now and will continue to be a solid base of local constituents to patronize your location.


Lease rates range between $27 - $70 per square foot with most deals done on a triple net arrangement. On average, most leases are getting done around $40 per square foot.

Need help finding and securing Retail Space for lease in the Fulton Market?  

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Last Update: 1/24/18

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