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How Do You Web Dev?

Looking to get on the digital stage or upgrade your current web presence?  Launch Digital Marketing (LDM), a local Chicagoland gem, is at the top of their industry.   Sure, you do have options to go it alone and build your own site with GoDaddy or Wix, but it doesn’t mean you should.   

Cool Story

LDM’s story is actually pretty phenomenal.   They started roughly 5 years ago in the current CEO’s home basement with off site meetings taking place in a local public library (they had a private room and didn’t disturb any voracious readers - as far as we know) and in a van down by the river.   Fast forward to present day, and you’ll find a few hundred LDM team members banging away at their Google-ish tech pad in Naperville.   Who doesn’t love a great success story!?!

LDM has created an awesome team environment where every team member has a valuable impact on their client’s business endeavors.  It’s not just, “hey, we’ll write a couple of lines of code for you to make sure your website doesn’t redirect users to another site about how paint dries.” Their team makes a point to learn the ins and outs of your industry and your objectives to ensure they deliver something meaningful.  They’ve done some awesome stuff like Motorrad AngelsConcierge Preferred, Golf Fore It, and about a million other sites (okay, not quite a million).   

What's Important

We worked on a site with LDM last year.  Hint - it’s 1 of the 3 listed above, and they were outstanding.  We came in pretty ignorant about the digital process and what it truly takes to make a dent in the overall world wide web landscape.  Yeah, we knew how to Google and creep, I mean research Facebook friends.  But, we underestimated the power in the underlying value of content creation and gaining traction with thoughtful, helpful and unique approaches to today’s rapidly changing business environment.   LDM educated us.

When you make it to Launch Digital Marketing’s offices someday, you’ll see an important message in big red lighted letters on their wall - “Think Bigger”.    Shouldn’t we all?

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