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Like Good Italian Food?

Updated: Oct 4, 2017

I love eating at locally owned restaurants.  Doesn’t matter if it’s in my hometown, five Villages over or a food truck on Rainey Street in Austin - nothing better than supporting someone out there making an effort to be original, especially if their product is on point.     

Let's Vincitori

Had any good Italian food lately?  Vincitori Restaurant in Westmont, IL makes for a strong case of being one of the best around.  Owner, Chef Bob, knows how to do it up right.  He and his team can perfect everything from Fruity De Mare to Thin Crust Pizza.  Feeling like something special from the libations’ counter? Kat, Suzy or Phil can surely concoct an elixir to soothe the senses.

They do a dueling piano event fairly regularly, too - pretty sure one is set up for right around the corner.    Does it seem odd they do a St. Patty’s Day dinner with some of the best corned beef and cabbage this side of the pond? Stop by and check that out.  Forget-a-bout-it (said with an Irish accent) - it’s the best you’ll have anywhere.  Another outstanding offering they put on - Mother’s Day Brunch.  Took the fam to this last year and rolled out (couldn’t walk).  They have a chocolate fountain for this brunch.  My gals are still talking about it.  Do you need another reason?

Neighborhood Charm

Probably the best things about Vincitori, in addition to their food quality, are their warmth, friendliness and atmosphere.   Nothing better than walking into a hospitable environment where you see the same staff month-after-month who remember you even if its been several weeks since you’ve stopped by.   Seems like a testament to ownership, workplace setting and enjoyment of the clientele.   

Cheers to you, Vincitori!

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