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Naperville, Illinois


Real Estate Market

Voted 2nd-best place to live in the United States by Money Magazine in 2006.

Founded by Joseph Naper in 1831.  See what they did there with the name...

It's the 5th largest city in Illinois.

Fun Facts About Naperville!

Naperville, Illinois Office Space Market

Naperville's office market scene is abundant, with about 1.5mm square feet of available office space.  If highway access is important to you, you'll find a lot of options right off of the I-88 corridor.  


Bonus for golf lovers!  Top Golf built their 2nd Chicagoland location just off of route 59.   Lunch time stingers anyone?  Want a hip downtown and highly walkable feel?  Naperville's downtown market is booming with new construction, a plethora of foodie havens and good amount of office space.  It's almost like a mini Chicago, with just the good parts...

Looking to lease office space in Naperville?  Expect to see ask rates somewhere in the range of $14.00 - $30.00 per square foot depending on lease type, building class and use.  Yes, that's quite a range... So, be diligent in your office space planning and strategy.

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Naperville, Illinois Industrial Space Market

Industrial space in Naperville is generally located along the Route 59 north-south corridor with a little under 1 million square feet of existing space.   


Rental asking rates have been between $4.00 - $17.00 per square foot for the past year depending on lease type and building class.   If you're looking to purchase, ask prices have been around $86 per square foot.   

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Naperville, Illinois

Retail Space Market

Pick your poison.  Naperville is loaded with retail space options.  Route 59 contains the most retail options with a plethora of locations freestanding, in shopping centers, as well as smaller strip centers.  This route was under construction for the past year and a half.  It's pretty much complete and makes accessing the retail sites along this busy corridor a cinch.


Downtown Naperville offers an entirely different retail scene that caters heavily to foot traffic goers.  Restaurants, clothing and specialty shoppes thrive here.  


Ogden Avenue, the east-west thoroughfare cutting through the northern part of Naperville, offers up some freestanding retail locations as well as some neighborhood strip centers.  

Most of the Naperville retail rental deals are done as a triple net lease and those have a wide range of $10 - $55 per square foot depending on your location.  

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Last Update: 11/6/17

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