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These are trusted resources we've worked with in the past whose services may come in handy for you during your company growth.  Feel free to contact them when you're ready.  We're happy to make the intro for you as well - just let us know.

"The corporate world has the resources to improve the world.  It's where people live and work." - Douglas Conant, Former CEO at Campbell Soup Company

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Web Dev & Digital Marketing

This talented crew put together a website platform for a golf travel website I co-founded a while back.  They're outstanding.

Specializing in custom web solutions via website design & implementation, SEO, SEM, advanced analytics, social strategies and conversion optimization, Launch has the right custom solution for your business.

Launch was established to help businesses shift strategic thinking from push marketing to pull or inbound marketing.


They excel in creating marketing plans from the ground up and helping consult businesses in achieving results.

Marketing & PR

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I’ve worked with AGENCY 360 for over a decade.  They provide full-service communications services from public relations to social media to advertising and event production. 


In an increasingly competitive marketplace with very savvy consumers, 360 helps to tell your story to the people that you want to reach.

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My first gig out of college was with a real estate development firm. Stahl Cowen served as the legal team for one of the projects we had going. 


I was super green, but Stahl always treated me like a friend and made me feel just as important as the CEO of our company. I've never forgotten that... Oh, and they're really, really smart and talented. 


They handle a wide variety of legal matters, including:

  • day-to-day business operational issues 

  • mergers and acquisitions 

  • real estate matters of all stripes 

  • business reorganizations 

  • corporate and real estate financing

  • Etc...etc...

Legal Resource
Agency 360
McAllister Development Services Business Logo

Construction Project Management

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Early in my development and construction career, McAllister served as a lead consultant on some of our projects. The advisement and caring approach McAllister took, left us successful in our project efforts and well educated.  


Later on in life I took a Construction Management Certification course McAllister taught... Learned a ton, but he's still the expert.

McAllister Development Services provides project analysis and management for owners and investors to ensure their project goes efficiently and effectively. 


These services include:

  • concept design studies, hand drawn color renderings. 

  • procurement of design services and consultants

  • contracting construction services and general     contracting

  • management and support of owner's budget,   schedule, and creating a quality product. 


These services allow the owner to have an expert in their corner who looks out for their best interest in the project. 



Haeger Engineering Business Logo

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Ever meet someone (or a group) in your business dealings that you just connect with? That's how it went for me when I met the Haeger team back in 2005. We've been working together ever since.  

Haeger Engineering, L.L.C. has been providing civil engineering and land surveying services throughout the Chicagoland area for over 45 years. Haeger has deep expertise in both private and public development projects, and brings that diverse experience to each project.


Ever just want to check in on your business location when you're away from the office?  Perhaps, you're really attached to your Mac and want take a peek when you're away to ensure it's still sitting where you left it.

Whatever your reason for wanting to have security surveillance at your place of business, Imperial Surveillance is a solid company to reach out to for just that.  

Imperial was started by two long time friends and co-workers who are passionate about sleeping good at night knowing their clients are in good hands under Imperial's watchful eye.

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Surveillance Imperial
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